Conductor’s Corner

Timothy V. Norris, Jr.

This has been a fantastic first month with the concert band and jazz band! Our first rehearsals preparing for Midnight at the Movies are in the books and I have been impressed by the sound, talent, and grace exhibited by our entire membership. Almost 100 concert band members are playing in that little fellowship hall and Purple Passion are sounding like professionals as we prepare for our demo recording! I have a feeling this is going to be the greatest Rainbow City season ever!

This past weekend I took a few Dallas friends to MoPop. As we walked through the David Bowie exhibit I was drawn to his lyrics and how they relate to my hopes for our first concert together and for our collective purpose in RCPA. “Misfits, outcasts, and loners: you're not alone!” When we work together we realize that our numbers are greater than we initially perceived and we are able to transform our unified power to build alliances creating a place for our artistry and love.

All of these experiences and building a place for our community to come together and belong cannot be done without the efforts and service of individuals working on our board of directors. We NEED talented and skillful people in key positions to provide the foundation of our family community. In the coming weeks our current board members will be recruiting for specific positions—you can directly influence our organization’s growth, extend our reach, and increase the positive impact that RCPA has for our members and in our community!

In service and love,

Tim Norris
Your Music and Artistic Director
Rainbow City Band
Rainbow City Performing Arts