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Who we are

As different as the members of Rainbow City Performing Arts may be from one another, we share a love of music. And our members occasionally form their own chamber ensembles to explore music written for certain instrumentation such as a brass quintet, a string quartet, or a percussion ensemble.

Have you always wanted to play in a flute choir but didn’t know where to find other players? Or maybe you’d like to challenge yourself with more solo opportunities. Just ask around! Chances are you can put together a group from among our members to satisfy that itch. And if you’ve only got seven people for that octet, our well-connected members probably know someone who is not currently playing with one of our ensembles who might be interested in filling the last seat.

What we do

We organize concerts for our chamber ensembles through our season to showcase our talented musicians. RCPA chamber ensembles also sometimes perform paid gigs, join an existing concert, and play at community events. Others form just for the joy of playing and may only occasionally perform in public. Our groups have been tapped in the past to fulfill requests from community organizations who needed a small group that we couldn’t otherwise supply (pep bands are great for birthday parties, but a little overkill for traditional Sunday services…). What you do is up to you and your fellow musicians!