Rainbow City Performing Arts has instruments available to loan to members. Certain instruments like drums and marching brass are routinely loaned, but we also have limited smaller winds and concert instruments available.

We cannot guarantee availability of any instrument and requests must be balanced with upcoming performance needs and previous unfilled requests by other members for use of the equipment. Please contact the Director of Operations for availability.

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Terms and Conditions
  1. In order to loan an instrument, the Borrower must be a member in good standing and have satisfied their membership dues or financial obligations to Rainbow City Performing Arts (RCPA).  
  1. An instrument loan agreement must be completed and submitted to RCPA. The loan agreement is a contract in which the Borrower assumes full responsibility for damage or loss (including theft) of the equipment during the loan period. 
  1. A deposit may be required for any instrument rental. This will be determined based on the value of the instrument. This deposit will be returned to the Borrower upon return of the instrument, in good playing condition, to RCPA. 
  1. Instruments must be returned to RCPA in the same condition (or better) as which it was loaned. The Borrower is responsible for paying for any repairs required to restore the instrument to its pre-loan condition. The RCPA board may elect to assume responsibility for the instrument’s maintenance or replacement in certain cases to be determined.
  1. All loans are assumed to be for the current term unless otherwise specified. Instruments must be returned to RCPA at the conclusion of each term or upon request to do so by the Director of Operations or her/his designee. Instruments may be re-loaned upon verification of their condition and the completion of a new loan agreement.  
  1. Borrowers with an established history with the band may request that the RCPA board grant them a long-term instrument loan for a period of up to one (1) year. Borrowers must satisfy their participation fee commitment to the band for the entire period of the loan. Borrowers may be required to show proof of proper maintenance by a qualified technician as a condition of long-term loan.
  1. RCPA property must be returned as soon as a Borrower is no longer an actively playing in an ensemble. A Borrower will be considered inactive with the band if that member is not playing with one of our ensembles during the current term.  
  1. RCPA retains the right to request immediate return of any instrument owned by RCPA for inventory or other purposes. 
  1. The Ensemble Director and the Director of Finance, prior to an instrument being loaned, must verify the Borrower’s eligibility.