The Rainbow Donor Program is a new initiative this season to recognize our donors. With your support helps us promote our passion for music, the visibility of LGBTQIA+ people, and  while expanding opportunities for even more musicians.

You can help make a lasting impact on our community by making a one-time donation or a 12-month pledge in your budget. Together, let's make music, make friends, and make a difference!


Total donations by August 1, 2024

VIOLET $100 to $250

Stepping up

BLUE $251 to $500

Making an impact

GREEN $501 to $1,000

Going above and beyond

YELLOW $1,001 to $2,000

Championing change

ORANGE $2,001 to $5,000

Transforming lives

RED $5,001 to $10,000

Leading the way

RAINBOW  Over $10K

Shepherding a community

Thank you for your support! Our official nonprofit name is RAINBOW CITY BAND and our tax ID is 91-2018261.

Other Ways to Support Rainbow City

In Kind Donations

We value donations of goods or services that help reduce our costs. Fill out the form below to be recognized for your donation. Please fill out the form in full and note the value of your item(s) or professional service donation.

Consult your tax advisor before claiming these donations. Donations over a certain amount require you to have proof of value.

These donations are included in our Rainbow Donor program.

Fred Meyer Rewards

Do you shop at Fred Meyer and have a Reward Account? If so, you can sign up to support us through Fred Meyer Community Rewards!

Once you have a Reward Card Number:

• Log in or create an account through
• Click on your name in the top Right Corner and go to My Account
• Scroll down until you see Community Rewards and Click on View Community Rewards
• Under “Find an Organization,” search for Rainbow City Band or PF068
• Click Search and then click Enroll
• You are now set to support RCPA every time you shop at Fred Meyer!

Amazon Wish List

Our ensembles have needs for many kinds of goods to operate, or sometimes new equipment to improve our support for members to perform. You can directly support our needs by making a direct purchase of this needed equipment. Check out our Amazon wish list to see some of our current needs.

Please fill out an in-kind donation form (at left) so we can recognize your generous donation!