Community Engagement Around Puget Sound

Rainbow City Performing Arts is community of musicians with growing connections deep within the Seattle area. We place a strong emphasis on community engagement with other marginalized communities especially LGBTQIA+ and allied organizations.

In our last season, we provided over $10,000 in support of local nonprofits through direct fundraising or free performances to support their events.

Community Partner Fundraisers

We regularly hold fundraisers at our events to support the work of a local charity that aligns with our mission.

Community Performance Donations

Our ensembles regularly perform at no charge to support other local nonprofits, especially local Pride events.

Performance Partners

We share our performances with diverse local artists to support their existence and broaden our mutual visibility to our audiences.

Institutional Support

We appreciate the work and support of these organizations to help us fulfill our mission and keep our organization healthy.


We appreciate our financial sponsors and supporters for helping us extend our mission and give opportunities to our members.