Membership dues allow Rainbow City Performing Arts to pay for general operating expenses. This includes rehearsal space rental, staff compensation, website hosting and IT services, bookkeeping services, and insurance.

All active members of Rainbow City Performing Arts and its ensembles are required to pay membership dues.  Dues are paid once per term, per ensemble. There are four terms in an RCPA season, corresponding with each quarter:  Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  Our season begins in the September and continues through July.

For members who cannot afford our dues to participate, we never want to let that prevent you from joining us! See more information about our Angel Fund and the link to the form to sign up.

Membership dues must be paid by the third rehearsal of the term unless arrangements are made with the Director of Finance. Members will not be able to perform without making payment or arrangements.

Member Dues Cost

  • Per quarter organizational membership: $75.00
  • Senior per quarter membership: $50.00

Note: For the 2023-24 season, Drumline and Color Guard will debut rehearsals for the full year, but member dues will cover through the summer term. Members must pay quarterly dues to participate in other ensembles pre-summer.

Dues covers membership for all RCPA ensembles. Members can participate in as many ensembles as they like as long as they can meet any requirements for membership.