Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Blueprint

DEI Blueprint

Adopted June 17, 2020

Purpose:  To promote and ensure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in RCPA guidance and Board operations, including but not limited to: hiring of staff/contractors, proposal of movements for vote, formation of committees, board structure changes, update to bylaws, external communication/promotions (in partnership with the RCPA staff/contractors), internal communication, direct communications with individual members, and in relationships between board members and between board members and contractors.

Goals/Guidelines of the RCPA DEI Blueprint.

  1. The RCPA Board and senior leadership must uphold the mission of the organization above all: We are an organization of performance ensembles creating a diverse and inclusive environment for musical expression that promotes the equity and visibility of people in the LGBTQIA+ community.
  2. Diversity Leads to Inclusivity. The RCPA Board and senior leadership must, in all actions, work to create an inclusive environment for musical expression.  This is done by celebrating and upholding diversity with hiring processes for ensemble leadership and staff/contractors.  Diversity is inherent in personal characteristics including but not limited to: sexual orientation, gender-identity and gender expression, race and ethnicity, age, ability, mental health condition, class, socio-economic status, country of origin, political affiliations, religious or spiritual affiliations, education level, learning and working styles, and veteran status.  The RCPA Board and senior leadership must work to attract, facilitate, and retain a diverse team of staff/contractors, leadership, and board membership.
  3. Acknowledge Historical Homogeneity. The RCPA Board and senior leadership must recognize the historical pattern of homogeneous leadership within the organization and actively work to change the culture that resulted in such.
    Diverse teams send a message of equity and inclusion to membership
    Diverse teams bring fresh, brave ideas to the organization
    Diversity provides a competitive advantage to idea-making and innovation
  4. Accountability and Action. The RCPA Board and senior leadership must be accountable for protocols, practices, and traditions within the organization that are sexist, racist, ableist, ageist, elitist, or generally discriminatory of any past, current, or potential member based on the details of their identity.  Protocols, practices, and traditions that are found to be discriminatory in any of the above manners must be repealed or altered to fulfill RCPA’s mission of inclusivity.
  5. A Culture of Inclusion. The RCPA Board and senior leadership must promote a culture that encourages personal development, professional apprenticeship, and growth in leadership within an inclusive environment that maximizes and recognizes each individual’s contributions to the organization
  6. Be Comfortable with Discomfort. The RCPA Board and senior leadership must recognize, validate, and consider individual voices of each member of the organization, as well as that of our hired staff. At the same time, for the protection of all, the RCPA Board must maintain and uphold the mission and values of the organization before maintaining the comfort of individuals within the organization.
  7. Persistence and Review. The RCPA Board and senior leadership must encourage the formation and growth of a DEI Committee within the organization for the purpose of reviewing RCPA Board and senior leadership practices on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure the goals and guidelines of this document are being upheld in practice. RCPA members, leadership, and staff/contractors must be provided access to the findings of such reviews for the purpose of accountability.

This document version was approved and instituted by RCPA Board members and as signed by the Board and Artistic Director.

Elizabeth G. Smith, Board President
Timothy V. Norris Jr., Artistic Director
Riley J. McCormack, Director of Operations and Board Vice President
Zackary M. Herbst, Director of Development
Robert A. Langan, Director of Finance
Katelyn Falconer, Director of Promotions
Damien A. Hall, Director of Membership
Mairi Snow, Director of Records