Support RCPA on Giving Tuesday!

Support RCPA on Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is November 29, 2022 and is a great time to donate to Rainbow City Performing Arts!

Rainbow City Performing Arts has been an institution in the Seattle LGBTQIA+ community for 25 years and through the efforts of over a generation of musicians, we’ve built a home for hundreds of wayward musicians who couldn’t find a comfortable place to be themselves and live their truth. Our members’ dedication and resilience has ensured RCPA has made it through the highs and lows of the past 25 years but the pandemic was particularly hard on our organization.

RCPA was forced to shut down most of our operations and traditions, which caused a major shuffle of our membership and complete turnover of leadership. Starting up from a dead stop is awfully difficult, but through hundreds of volunteer hours from dedicated members, we’ve managed to build back a modern band that holds on to our ideals and past traditions while expanding our opportunities for a new era ahead. We’ve had unprecedented interest in new members with over 65 new members joining our ensembles since this past Spring! And we've  performed successful concerts with a growing audience base.

The tough spot we currently find ourselves in is continued funding of the organization. Restarting RCPA has cost a lot of money and we have drained half our savings in returning to full capacity. We need your help this giving season to help bring the organization back to a healthier financial state and set a course for a broad new future. Will you contribute today to create a home for the next generation of wayward musicians?

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