How Flautist Frank Found Belonging at Rainbow City

Giving Tuesday is an important day of support for nonprofits and NGOs across the country. Rainbow City values the support of our diverse community. Read this tale to learn how we impact the lives of those who would be members.

Flautist Frank yearns for a sanctuary to be themselves, belong, and express their musical ability. Frank faces rejection in many traditional music ensembles because they haven't played their instrument regularly in years. They try to be friendly, even while they are misunderstood or ignored by most, aching to make connections. They long for the joy that making music once brought them and feel lost and unable to release the tensions of life. Frank deserves to have the joy and camaraderie that performing in an ensemble can bring, as well as the opportunity to give back to the community.

Rainbow City welcomes and understands Frank because so many of its members joined for the same reason. Though all members are as unique as their challenges, their solutions turned out to be in unity. Coming together created a home where all could flower into the best version of themselves. Rainbow City has been welcoming members like Flautist Frank, no matter their identity, for over 25 years. This past year, Rainbow City performances have been seen by over 360,000 people at events as intimate as the Wedgwood children's parade and as grand as halftime show for the Seahawks. Every year, the audience experiencing the uniqueness of Rainbow City performers grows to give more visibility and expand the message of togetherness.

You have the power to make a difference in the lives of people and to support even more members like Flautist Frank to find their home. Just like all members of Rainbow City, you have a unique story and struggle for truth. You can join that story, creating a space of togetherness, by supporting Rainbow City's Giving Tuesday campaign.

Rainbow City ensures a diverse and inclusive environment for all types of people. With more members than ever joining every ensemble, Rainbow City has expanded facilities and professionalized processes to improve the member experience. Guided by a bold strategic plan, Rainbow City provide even more support with professional paid staff and more visible performances. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, all donations are tax deductible and recognized as part of the Rainbow Donors program.

Will you donate today to support Rainbow City's Giving Tuesday campaign? The goal is to raise $25,000 to support the operation and growth of Rainbow City Performing Arts. Please consider your support as even a small donation will help to reach the goal. Whether you can donate today or not, please share this story with your friends who share a love of music and support making space for diverse and unique people like us.

By reaching the funding goal, Rainbow City can continue the important work of expanding opportunities at exciting venues such as Benaroya Hall and Lumen Field for members to express their uniqueness. The community will have even more opportunities to hear music of all forms that uplift LGBTQIA+ identities. Without adequate funding, will falter from being able to continue its programs as planned, so your support is vital!

Flautist Frank felt rejected and alone without a musical home. Rainbow City provided them a space and allowed them to express the joy of music. You can change lives too by supporting Rainbow City's Giving Tuesday campaign today to uplift artistic diversity in our community!