Member Support is Key to Continued RCPA Success

With our new Bloomerang CRM software, we'll be able to provide much better support for our donors and our members alike! Besides the front-end benefits, it will provide much better back-end management to our operations, especially for a volunteer-run organization.

If you make a donation to RCPA, we will be providing much more consistent response to your generosity and tracking with tax value notification. For members, we have integrated our database of contact information to keep it secure and up to date. Records of payment of dues will be retained in our secured database along with donations.

We have much more professional payment handling and can now accept EFT bank transfers which have less than a third of the finance charges. Speaking of those, donors can choose to donate the value of their finance fees to allow us to receive the total cost of their intended payment. Payment information can be saved for future payments, and you can set up a recurring monthly or quarterly payment.

Backend tools also allow us to easily direct donations to specific funds to put your donation to your intended purpose, depositing it straight into a dedicated bank account. Our initial connected fund is the Angel Fund to benefit members needing assistance with the cost of member dues.

Bloomerang will be a scalable resource to allow Rainbow City Performing Arts to grow strongly into the future!