Join Us for Marching and Pep Band!

Have you been waiting for the right time to join a musical group? (Or another musical group?) Or perhaps you've always thought it would be fun to spin flags in a color guard - or used belong to a color guard and miss it.

Now's the time!

We have two upcoming opportunities for you to learn more about Rainbow City Performing Arts' ensembles and get your feet wet:

Come Out and Play RCPA:
Marching/Pep Band Kickoff Party
Tuesday, March 27 at 7PM
Optimism Brewing Company
1158 Broadway, Seattle
This is a casual social get-together: ask questions about the band, meet some of the members, learn about our upcoming marching and pep band seasons and some of the great events we have planned, and enjoy a beverage and/or snack while you're there!

Come Out and Play RCPA:
Marching/Pep Band Open Jam Session
Tuesday, April 3 at 7PM
Wedgwood Community Church
8201 30th Ave NE, Seattle
Join us for a sight-reading session where we'll be reading and selecting music for the upcoming marching and pep band seasons. Haven't played in years? No worries! We're a non-audition group, and almost all of our members have joined after a break from high school or college playing - sometimes a long break. Just come along, bring an instrument if you have one, and see what the band is all about!