Shop ‘Til You Drop

'Tis the season for shopping - and nothing beats traffic like shopping online. Why not support your favorite community arts organization while you're at it?

Our friends at iGive have a special offer this fall: join iGive during the month of November and try their iGive button for 90 days, and RCPA will receive $3 on top of a percentage of all the purchases you make at affiliated retailers! It's super-easy to get started: just join iGive (no fee and no obligation), and start your shopping there. It's even easier with the iGive button, which you can add to your browser for free.

Our neighbors at Amazon also help us out with AmazonSmile, where a percentage of your online purchases come back to help RCPA. Impulse buying a new 65" TV with next-day delivery? Good for you! Start at, naming Rainbow City Band as your beneficiary, and you've got yet another reason to click that "Check Out" button!