A Culture of Diversity - A Solid Base to Grow

Rainbow City Performing Arts (RCPA) is a non-profit organization that provides an inclusive space for adult musicians of all backgrounds, incomes, and abilities in Seattle and nearby areas to gather together to learn and perform for our common cause. Our shared goal to bring visibility to LGBTQIA+ people removes barriers to achieve a welcome open community. RCPA also collaborates with local community events and cultural organizations to bring arts programming to underserved populations.

RCPA's mission is to inspire, empower, and celebrate diversity through the arts. RCPA believes that the arts are essential for personal growth, social cohesion, and civic engagement. RCPA strives to create a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where everyone can express themselves creatively and authentically. We extend that diversity to the larger community through example and education.

RCPA's vision is to become a leading arts organization in Seattle and beyond, recognized for its excellence, innovation, and impact. RCPA aims to expand its reach and influence by developing new programs, expanding partnerships, and increasing the number of compensated staff to meet the needs and interests of its diverse and growing membership and patron base.



  • RCPA's operations and performance are grounded in our mission's focus on social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • RCPA has a broad portfolio of programs with instrumental ensembles from large to small, to be able to meet a broad array of community needs and sustain operations with diverse income streams
  • Increasing connections with other LGBTQIA+ community organizations grow the reach and impact of RCPA programs especially with marginalized members of our community
  • RCPA's funding base is over 50% earned revenue with strong support from concert ticket sales, member dues, and other program revenue
  • We have a strong base of volunteer support with our members donating thousands of hours of time to operate the organization and our programs each year
  • RCPA ensembles draw a unique pipeline of interested musicians who do not feel comfortable in other performance organizations and seek a place to feel safe and accepted


  • RCPA has a broad variety of music ensembles that can be expanded as community need is demonstrated
  • Demand for membership remains high and every additional member joining improves the efficiancy and reach of our programs
  • Being a musical performance organization with DEI as core to our mission, we drive the musical conversation by demonstrating our values through the art we elevate and promote
  • Musician members of RCPA mostly derive from historically marginalized communities and our organization's main activities are housed in a Community of Opportunity.
  • RCPA's chamber ensemble program has grown steadily and has open potential to draw in additional member activity, income from performances, and fostering broad community connections


Strategy for Sustainable Growth

RCPA is a platform for diverse instrumental ensembles to coexist and thrive through mutual support of shared services, policies, and members. Through focused growth of revenue and professionalizing staff, we will increase the reach and professionalism of our programs that are focused on uplifting marginalized communities.

Our strategy has three key concepts:


Celebrate and encourage LGBTQIA+ performers
  • Increase connections with other local LGBTQIA+ nonprofits and performers.
  • Improve internal processes and software tools to support member satisfaction and retention
  • Extend programs to more marginalized communities and performers by removing barriers to participation
  • Procure a broad range of instruments to provide for more opportunities for low income members
  • Improve relations with more nonprofits and influencers to broadcast events and opportunities


Teach our audiences the value of diversity and improve equity for members
  • Raise awareness of programs and social justice mission among a broader audience
  • Educate audiences about values and experiences they may not be aware
  • Increase salience and opportunities for the growth of member chamber ensembles
  • Demonstrate increasing need in the community for program services


Broaden and mature revenue sources, provide equitable staff compensation, increase reach of mission
  • Increase revenue broadly from sustainable sources with potential for future growth
  • Improve expertise and focus on opening more opportunities for institutional and corporate contributions
  • Grow patron base through advertising, expanding member networks, and utilizing broad reach of related programs.
  • Focus new revenue into providing more equitable compensation and increasing professionalism of operational staff
  • Increase collaborations with diverse artists and LGBTQ-affirming performers to draw new audiences
  • Make more connections with charitable nonprofits to support their missions through collaborations and direct fundraising

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