Community Music Opportunities for Seattle Musicians Create Impact and Joy

Are you looking for a fun and inclusive way to express your musical talents? Do you want to join a community of diverse and supportive musicians who share your passion for music? If so, you might be interested in joining one of the many ensembles offered by Rainbow City Performing Arts for creating community music!

Community Music Opportunities

Rainbow City Performing Arts is a non-profit organization that provides musical opportunities for LGBTQIA+ people and their allies in the Seattle area. We have a variety of ensembles that cater to different musical tastes, skill levels, and schedules. Whether you want to play classical, jazz, pop, or marching music, we have an ensemble for you! Our mission to promote visibility and equity for LGBTQIA+ people drives us to create new opportunities to support the community and other local nonprofits. We always have an exciting new performance coming up to show off the talents of our members.

Members gain access to all our musical opportunities and many levels of support. Once becoming a member, musicians can join as many ensembles as they desire. Most members who join our community to play their experienced style or instrument will find themselves straying to try new genres and instruments with the support of their friends and fellow members. We have many members that play in multiple ensembles and even start their own chamber groups too. We also provide the support and education from our experienced musical leaders to help guide members to success and provide mentorship.  We do our best to be inclusive of all the musical abilities our members bring to us!

Community Music Ensembles

Rainbow City Concert Band: This is our largest ensemble, with over 100 members playing woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. We perform three concerts a year, featuring music from various genres, cultures, and eras. We also play music by LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized composers and arrangers, celebrating our community's history and diversity. The concert band rehearses on Monday evenings from September to April.

Rainbow City Orchestra: This is our newest ensemble, with over 50 members playing string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. We perform three concerts a year, focusing on music from different periods and styles. We also play music by diverse composers and arrangers, highlighting diverse themes and music that is not often heard in concert halls. The orchestra rehearses on Sunday evenings from September into Summer.

Rainbow City Jazz Band: This is our most danceable ensemble, with 18 members playing saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. We perform at various venues and events throughout the year, playing jazz standards, swing, Latin, funk, and more. We also collaborate to present dances and to support local nonprofits and festivals. The jazz band rehearses on Tuesday evenings from September to July.

Rainbow City Marching Band: This is our most visible ensemble, with about 80 members playing woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. We march in parades and festivals across the Pacific Northwest, wearing colorful uniforms and playing upbeat music. We also play music by LGBTQIA+ composers and arrangers, spreading joy and pride wherever we go. The marching band rehearses on Monday evenings from April to June.

Rainbow City Color Guard: This is our most expressive ensemble, with about 20 members performing with flags, rifles, sabers, and dance. We perform alongside the marching band in parades and festivals, adding visual impact and movement to the music. We also perform at indoor events from Fall through Winter such as concerts and fundraisers. The color guard rehearses on Tuesday evenings from October to April and on Mondays from April to June.

Rainbow City Drumline: This is our most energetic ensemble, with about 25 members playing snare drum, tenor drum, bass drum, cymbals, and auxiliary percussion. We perform with the marching band and Reign City Riot in outdoor marches and events, providing rhythm and excitement to the music. We also perform at occasional indoor events such as concerts and fundraisers. The drumline rehearses on Saturday mornings from September to February and along with their partner bands following.

Reign City Riot: This is our brashest ensemble, with about 50 members playing woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. We perform at sporting events of all kinds, playing pop songs and cheers to support our teams. We also perform at community events such as rallies and protests. Reign City Riot rehearses on Wednesday evenings from March through April.

Diverse Musical Expression

As you can see, Rainbow City Performing Arts has something for everyone who loves music! No matter what your musical background or preference is, you can find an ensemble that suits you. And no matter what your identity or ability is, you can find a welcoming and affirming environment where you can be yourself. No matter what time of year, RCPA is present in the community and bringing people together.

You can see our performances throughout the year in Seattle from the streets to the concert hall. We’re proud to show off the work of our members and demonstrate how equity brings joy and expression to so many in our community. On our events page, you can find performances for all our ensembles listed to see what is coming up soon. We’d love you to join our performances and support our work!

If you are interested in joining one of our ensembles or learning more about us, please contact us to get connected. We would love to have you as part of our musical family!