Fundraiser for a New Percussion Instrument

While most of our members supply their own instruments, the band owns and provides most of the percussion instruments used by our talented percussionists. (Not only are they expensive, but nobody wants to haul that much equipment to rehearsal each week!)

For many years, we've benefited from the very generous loan of a MalletKat - a multi-purpose electronic instrument that can produce the sounds of many instruments used in our music such as a marimba or vibraphone, without the cost of acquiring and storing the whole collection of instruments. Our loaner instrument has now returned to its home, and we are raising funds to purchase a permanent replacement.

Help us reach our goal by purchasing a key, a chord, or a whole octave on a new MalletKat Grand! For the following donation levels you will help fund our need and move us a step closer to our goal:

- Purchase a Key: $50
- Purchase a Chord: $100
- Purchase an Octave: $500

You are of course welcome to make a donation any amount at what ever level you would like and help us get there as well!

>> Contribute to MalletKat Purchase

Our goal is to complete fundraising and purchase the new MalletKat before the start of our Autumn 2018 season rehearsals in late August. Thank you for your support!