Guest Conductor Emily Ranta and Color Guard Set for Joyful Performances

Are you ready to be swept away by an evening of musical enchantment and celebration of pride? Look no further than our upcoming concert, Spectrum of Identity and gala Dance the Night Away, set to take place on March 22nd at 7:30 p.m. at the prestigious Benaroya Hall!
Join us for a night filled with captivating performances and heartwarming moments as we come together to celebrate diversity, unity, and the power of music. This year's event promises to be a truly special night, featuring a lineup that is sure to bring you joy.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Emily at Benaroya Hall

One of the highlights of the evening will be the appearance of our guest conductor, member Emily Ranta, whose passion for the music is bound to shine through in every note. Emily won the opportunity to conduct a piece in this concert last year at the Rainbow City Gala. Her mother fostered a passion in music in her at a young age, and after she passed, Emily was proud to utilize some funds from her settlement to be able to live out this dream to conduct a band.

Emily with her mother

Emily has a diverse background in music. She plays the flute in the concert band but also has experience in mallet percussion, piano, and recorder. Emily started performing music in school in Rochester, Washington. She later joined the Capital Area Youth Association in 7th grade, and then joined the student orchestra of greater Olympia. After graduating from high school and finishing college, she joined the Rainbow City Concert Band and soon after joined our Board of Directors in 2021.

During this concert, Emily will be conducting a piece named Hope. Emily chose this piece because she had played many different pieces by Robert W. Smith in both middle school and high school under the baton of Richard Pasko. With the composer's recent passing, Emily wanted to conduct this piece in remembrance of his impact on bands across the world. Emily has been under the tutelage of the current interim concert band director Timothy Norris, who has been teaching Emily how to conduct and lead the band during the performance.

Emily with husband Robert

Emily has many hopes and aspirations for this night. She would love everybody to enjoy this peach as much as she does and feel the hope within and take it with them when they leave the show.

Color Guard Makes a Splash

But that's not all – the Gala Concert will also feature a mesmerizing performance by the Rainbow City Color Guard! Prepare to be dazzled by their stunning choreography, vibrant costumes, and powerful message of inclusivity and pride. Their performance is sure to be a highlight of the evening, leaving you inspired and uplifted.

Color Guard at a recent winterguard performance

The Color Guard has many hopes and aspirations for this concert. They hope that the audience will be inspired by their creative expression both in the choice of music, the design of their choreography, and a diversity of equipment used such as flags, swing flags, sabres, and air blades! It is quite rare to get the opportunity to be in a color guard.

Members say: "We have had many performances and we look forward to this one in particular!"

They recently debuted their first ever Winter guard performance at the local high school competition. Although they weren't competing, they were happy to be in the community with the local color guard teams.

During that performance, we had the opportunity to talk to a parent of a student that was in the LGBT community and their child felt amazing knowing that there are LGBT color guards for adults.

The guard all performs a toss in winterguard

The Rainbow City Color Guard looks forward to the upcoming performance and is excited to interact with patrons and fans. They would love the audience to interact by making noise while leaning into the joy of the music! They are so happy for all the love this community has shown and our support for the growth of their visibility and impact!

Uniting Through Music

More than just a concert and gala, this event is a testament to the power of music to bring people together and bridge divides. In a world that often feels divided, events like these serve as a reminder of our shared humanity and the strength that comes from embracing our differences.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable evening of music and unity at Benaroya Hall on March 22nd! Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to reserve your seat and join us for a night that celebrates the beauty of diversity and the strength of community!
Together, let's create a symphony of love, acceptance, and belonging.