Rainbow City Defines New Org Chart and Board Focus

Rainbow City Performing Arts has been a beacon of creativity, inclusivity, and community engagement through our diverse range of musical ensembles. As we continue to grow and evolve, we are excited to share some transformative changes aimed at strengthening our foundation and expanding our impact.

Purpose of Restructure

Our journey of restructuring began with a clear recognition of the need for change. Here are the key reasons driving this initiative:

  1. Righting Past Wrongs: We previously placed overwhelming demands on our board members, leading to burnout and high turnover. By clearly defining responsibilities and reducing the workload, we aim to create a more sustainable and supportive environment for all.
  2. Unprecedented Growth: Our rapid growth over the past two years has outpaced the capabilities of a working board. We need a more professional and robust structure to manage this expansion effectively.
  3. Increasing Our Scope: As we grow, we seek to engage more professionally by building partnerships, recognizing donors, securing sponsorships, and developing a volunteer platform.
  4. Seizing Opportunities: With our new structure, we can finally say "yes" to more opportunities, supported by a stronger foundation and greater resources.

Org Chart

2019 Structure

In 2019, our organization faced significant challenges due to a siloed structure and undefined roles. Board members were responsible for direct duties, leading to high burnout and turnover. The lack of backup for vacant roles and inequitable staffing further exacerbated these issues.

2022 Structure

By early 2022, we introduced Ensemble Managers, doubled the pay for some directors, and created the Director of DEI role. However, some areas, like Marketing, remained underdeveloped, and the old siloed ways persisted, stressing our board members.

2024 Structure

Our new structure aligns with best practices and includes a professional staff led by an Executive Director and an Artistic Director. This structure supports more equitable work distribution and fosters sustainable growth.

Focused Board Purpose

Our board is transitioning from a working board to a fundraising board, focusing on providing oversight, creating policies aligned with our mission, and securing funds. This shift allows the board to steer the organization towards greater sustainability without being bogged down by daily operational tasks.

Board Changes

  • Quarterly Meetings: Moving from monthly to quarterly meetings.
  • Board Agreement and Code of Conduct: Clearly outlining responsibilities and expectations.
  • Fundraising Focus: Encouraging board members to pledge meaningful contributions and seek additional funding avenues.
  • Reduced Operational Work: Minimizing direct involvement in staff work to focus on strategic oversight.

Moving Forward

Supportive Staff Structure

Key leadership roles, such as the Executive Director and Artistic Director, are now employees, ensuring stability and legal compliance. These roles will focus on high-level work, providing oversight and implementing our long-term vision.

Directors and Managers

Directors and managers are empowered to lead their areas, supported by regular meetings and planning. This professional approach ensures stability, better outcomes, and more effective operations.

Volunteer Engagement

Our volunteers, organized under the Rainbow City Guild, are crucial to our operations. We ask for a commitment of at least 5 hours per month, offering benefits such as free ensemble participation and skill-building opportunities.


Our organization is divided into four main departments: Administration, Development, Marketing, and Operations. Each department has specific functions crucial to our overall success.

Impacts and Benefits

The restructure will lead to more support for our staff, equitable work distribution, and increased opportunities for growth and partnerships. Our musicians' energy will have a greater impact, and we will reach more people, creating a more inclusive and supportive community.


Our mission drives the foundation of our organizational structure. With a clear vision, we can be more engaged in our communities, make music, deepen connections, and make a difference in the greater Seattle and Pacific Northwest areas.

Get Involved

Are you inspired by Rainbow City Performing Arts? Join us in this exciting journey! You can volunteer, join our board, or help spread the word about our performances and initiatives. Together, we can create a brighter future filled with music, harmony, and community.

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