Introducing the Silver Circle Program: Empowering Inclusion and Belonging for Members Over 60

Rainbow City Performing Arts is proud to announce the launch of the Silver Circle program, a pioneering initiative designed to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion for our valued members aged 60 and above. This program marks a significant milestone in our commitment to creating a more diverse, equitable, and accessible community for all. This is the first but is not intended to be the last official affinity group in Rainbow City.

Addressing a Critical Need

We've noticed a concerning trend: many of our dedicated members over 60 have disengaged from our community, despite living locally. This is a stark contrast to other community bands and ensembles, where older members are actively engaged and valued. We recognize that our organization has not adequately addressed the needs of this vital group, and the Silver Circle program aims to rectify this.

Program Overview

The Silver Circle program is designed to provide a supportive environment for our older members to participate, connect, and enjoy our community. All members who are 60 years or older and wish to participate in social activities and discussions with the group are welcome to join if they have been an active member for at least one term. For those that have been active for at least five years, the program offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Lifetime membership at no charge
  • A bio on a special page on our website
  • Discounted season tickets
  • Discount at Rainbow City Shop

Breaking Down Barriers

The Silver Circle program tackles several critical issues:

  • Diversity: By intentionally supporting our older members, we aim to flatten our age distribution and create a more diverse community.
  • Equity and Access: By offering income support through reduced dues, we recognize the unique financial challenges faced by our older members on fixed incomes.
  • Inclusion: By creating a space for members to connect and integrate with the organization, we foster a sense of belonging and address the social isolation often experienced by retirees.

Empowering Our Members

The Silver Circle program is designed to be self-operating, with minimal startup costs and distributed volunteer duties. Activities and meeting styles will be decided by the members themselves, and it will include meetings with staff and leadership of the organization. In time, policies and support structures will grow as needs are identified. We believe that by providing basic universal benefits and a space for connection, our members will thrive and become a source of energy and inspiration for our organization.

Join Us in Building a More Inclusive Community

We invite all eligible members to join the Silver Circle program and become part of a community that values and supports one another. Together, let's create a space where everyone can feel a sense of belonging and connection!

If you are interested or would like to learn more, please fill out our interest form below. We look forward to welcoming you to the Silver Circle!

Ready to find out more?

If you are a member approaching the age of 60 and want to participate, please fill out our registration form.

You can read our full passed policy below.