See Rainbow City Shine with Pride at Seahawks Halftime Show


Marching Band Seahawks HalftimeIn a remarkable display of talent, unity, and celebration, the Rainbow City Marching Band and Color Guard, both part of Rainbow City Performing Arts (RCPA), took center stage at Lumen Field during the halftime show of the Seattle Seahawks preseason opener. With over 68,000 spectators in attendance at a near-capacity crowd, RCPA members delivered an unforgettable performance that marked a significant milestone in the organization's history.

The invitation extended by the Seahawks to the marching band and color guard was an honor that resonated deeply within the Rainbow City community. The special occasion was in celebration of Pride Night, reflecting the team's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. As the evening sun dipped below the horizon, the band set the stage for an electrifying performance that would be etched into the memories of many fans who were touched and elated by the performance. “I’m so proud of the work that our members and staff put in to make this event a reality,” said Damien Hall, the president of the board. “We’ve come a long way from that little band that started 25 years ago, and we have a lot more to show!”

Rainbow City Marching Band Seahawks Halftime Practice The anticipation was palpable as the RCPA members arrived at Lumen Field well before the halftime show. The day began with a full schedule that commenced as early as 1 pm. The band's dedication to the performance was evident as they spent an hour rehearsing on the field in addition to a full rehearsal earlier in the week, ensuring every note and every movement was in harmony. The meticulous attention to detail was mirrored by the Seahawks staff, who proved to be supportive guides, helping the band navigate the labyrinthine tunnels, parking garages, and expansive event spaces of the stadium. The manager of the band, Kristin Anderson, was the logistical leader of the performance and saw forward a solid execution with very little time to prepare. “With our growing numbers, we have been able to field a band for so many more events than previous years allowed. Getting in the music and marching reps and getting used to the unique logistics of each performance, I think, made us all feel really confident and excited about the Big Day,” said Anderson.

A sense of camaraderie filled the waiting area, strategically situated above the Touchdown City pre-game attraction. This vantage point allowed the members to soak in the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy performances from fellow artists, including the spirited Blue Thunder drumline, this year celebrating their 20th anniversary. The richness of talents on display served as a testament to the rich artistic tapestry that is so integral to the Seahawks experience and the Seattle community.

Dressed in their signature bright red uniforms, the marching band and color guard emerged onto the field as halftime commenced. However, this performance wasn't solely an affair of the RCPA's core summer ensemble. The Rainbow City family extended beyond boundaries, with members from various other ensembles joining in. Clad in black with rainbow tie-dye scarves, these additional performers underscored the unity and inclusivity that defines Rainbow City's ethos.


As the clock neared 8 pm, the moment of truth arrived. “I remember waiting in the tunnel, looking out at nearly 70,000 people in the stands, and being surprised to not feel a hint of nerves. And once we got on the field, I could feel the energy of the band and crowd feeding off each other and it was pure joy and fun!” exclaimed Anderson. The performance was a culmination of meticulous practice, heartfelt dedication, and a desire to captivate the audience. With every note played and every move executed, the Rainbow City Marching Band and Color Guard brought their passion and energy to life, infusing the stadium with a sense of pride and joy that rippled through the stands.

For RCPA, this opportunity was more than just a halftime show; it was a beacon of the community's commitment to artistic expression, unity, and acceptance. “Playing at the Seahawk Pride game was an entry on the bucket list I didn't know was there and it was an amazing thrill going on the field around the painted Seahawk symbol,” exclaimed drum major Diana Wedel, a long-time member and marching band leader. “Making music is beyond any words. All of that at 60 years old!” The performance at the Seattle Seahawks preseason opener will undoubtedly be etched in the annals of Rainbow City history as a triumphant chapter that showcased their talent to an audience eager to embrace the harmony they bring to the world.

The photo set below is courtesy of the team photographers for the Seahawks. We appreciate their partnership in bringing us to the game day experience!